Surviving the Modern Organized Gang Stalking (OGS) Con
  The Unethical Out of Court Settlement
Harassment is defined as any repeated or continuing unconsented contact that serves no useful purpose beyond creating alarm, annoyance, or [emotional] distress.
Misery is defined as Optional
Understand Who you are Dealing With

Make sure you always have a purpose: Chances are that your gang-stalker con was hired for successfully being able to turn the lemons of their debilitated, impaired, flawed, worthless, malfunctioning or otherwise useless existence into the lemonade of trying to make your life miserable - If your life does not become miserable then the con goes back to being their miserable, petty, low, deviant, maladjusted, and purposeless self.  Simply put - only one of you can feel good at the same who is it going to be?  If people truly perform better in front of an audience, here is your audience - surprise yourself with your new standards.

Where are all of these Stalking Characters coming from?

A good guess is that most of these people are coming from the local Sherriff’s Office .  If you were a con looking for stalkers with no conscience, and the Sherriff’s Office has to publish a list of all of the locally registered sex offenders (a list that, by law, includes substantial contact information), how much easier could it be to get a little help? For that matter, most of the people who you used to trust, people who can be extorted to help fund the operation, or people with needed special talents can easily be coerced to help the con after being set-up in some form of sexual encounter with: their patients, someone underage, someone who ends up with a video portfolio of convincing and incriminating evidence, etc.  The Sheriff's office is better at providing pre-qualified stalking and entrapment solutions, each with a demonstrated aptitude for exploiting the trust of even the most vulnerable people (including innocent children), than a staffing service is at providing temporary professionals. There is an additional dynamic that comes in to play regarding elected officials, but that is beyond the scope of this site's purpose.

What NOT To Do

Don't get a gun - more people are killed from their own guns than are killed in auto accidents driving their own cars - if you have a habit of falling asleep with the TV on and have trouble finding the remote to turn the TV off later, how likely do you think you would be able to find a gun to shut a stalker off?  Too, guns were invented for the use of people who shoot things, not point things (that's what pointers are for) - owning a gun should imply zero reluctance to shoot where it is pointed, and most TI's are selected because they have non-violent tendencies.

Stay away from alleged stalkers, especially when there is more than one...whatever the intention of the words that come out of your mouth is, the words can be grossly exaggerated coming out the mouths of two witnesses - it will probably be one of the few times in life that two people saw the same event and come up with exactly the same story.

Do not isolate yourself, isolation is counter to the ingrained human need to be a social creature .  Being social is a survival need as well as being that nearly sole essential window to happiness.  To be isolated from people is similar to being deprived of oxygen, water, food, or any other life sustaining commodity.  It is thoroughly disgusting that anything could be raised to believe or rationalize the need to torment others and speaks volumes about character, integrity, and worth.

What To Do


Do not isolate yourself - do good works, walk instead of drive whenever possible.

Find some distractions, stalkers win when you are churning away at the endless possibilities of things people can, might, or may do to you, or on your behalf - remember 3% life, 97% illusion.

Look at every receipt - every time.  As unlikely as the innocent mistake of a teller coding a $500 bank deposit as a $5000 bank deposit is of becoming a felony conviction down the road, some other innocent mistakes coming up increase the odds.  If you keep ending up on bank accounts, or are forced into other liabilities that require constantly requesting to be released, contact the FDIC or whichever federal regulator can provide an official record of the continued irregularities.

Change your browser's home page to FBI.Gov to give someone using your computer (remotely or otherwise) a little to think about - too if criminal charges come out later against several stalkers, the sentencing judge will not be amused to learn that the convicted stalker saw and snubbed the FBI or DOJ website reminder before they continued on to cyber-stalk or manipulate your browsing history and your life.

Buy a set of handcuffs and fidget with them: click, click, click, click.  Take them everywhere as a reminder to yourself that you are doing something about the stalking, and you can now concentrate on productive things.  Stalkers very likely have some of their most unpleasant memories associated to the sights and sounds of handcuffs quickly clasping on their wrists.   Handcuffs also become a substantially dangerous weapon for even a novice with very little practice, and are legal to take nearly anywhere.

Change your ringtone to sound of a jail-door slamming, people miserably pleading for a guard,  or handcuffs cinching tightly around another's freedom-  if gang stalking is going on around you, every time your phone rings it will also be broadcasting unpleasant reminders to the close-by people who know they are doing something wrong -  over time these people will want to avoid the uneasy feelings that stalking you brings,  it may not stop them but it can cut the frequency of their vists down.   If your phone was hacked so that the microphone can be turned on without your knowledge - unpleasant sounds now and then are appropriate responses.

Do research on Organized Gang Stalking - and do research on yourself - knowing the fears that you are really needing and wanting to overcome.

Drink a lot of water - look at the studies, prolonged water drinking clears the mind and improves health in general - on the very slight chance that you are being exposed to chemicals of some sort, the dilution and cleansing can't hurt

If You Can Afford it:

Get a decent body cam, and get used to wearing it as well as moving files between the camera and a computer. The body cam will also start a conversation now and then and provide that much less isolation, although you might feel you a little stupid with a body camera, a straight-jacket is far less acceptable in public.

Try to get away from wireless routers at home - as hard as it is to find a purely wired router and run some ethernet cable it feels good to have one less thing to worry about.

Get a new hobby
- every thought of yours that isn't problem related is a setback for stalkers.

Take a college course of desire and not need - most schools offer a student email address, access to the school's PO boxes, and  enough free software, grants etc that you will almost be getting paid to take the course - if you already have a degree then try a Master's of Legal Studies - getting a PhD is no reason to quit growing and learning - in a crowd.  Find something worth learning more about - you never know, if you are being stalked the ring-leader might sign-up for the class at the last minute to learn some more about you.

If You can Really Afford it:

Learn about and get a GSM jammer - it is very difficult to find the smaller and smaller global positioning transmitters anymore.

Learn about microchip scanners - though you and your car may not have one of the tiny tracking microchip devices implanted, owners have their dogs and other pets routinely tagged this way in their shoulders - if your pet has had a tracking device implanted by anyone and you take your pet with you a great deal of the time then anytime the chip can be scanned you are being tracked...unlikely?  Most pikepass or e-toll sensors can provide proper billing at 65 mph from 15 feet or more from a similar device. There are no pet-microchip police that go around making sure that every implant bought for a pet ends up in a pet.

There are other devices that can detect unnoticeable tiny camera signals of three or four different channels, but these are defensive maneuvers that are not as likely to be as effective as offensive tactics involving self-knowledge and exposing the tactics properly.

Think about changing phones - frequently until help arrives.

If this all turns out to be nothing but a hoax?

If this is nothing more than some hack's sad idea of fun, you are a little smarter, you know more about yourself, you have made some new friends, found a new hobby, your internet is probably faster, you are a little bit more able to take care of yourself and you won't be dehydrated.


Sources of Help:

Finding stalkers (with friends and most definitely in a crowd-
GSM trackers, and offering box of diapers or a six-pack of beer for someone to peek at a sex-offender's cell phone are very telling (most of the time permission to drop in a small GPS tracker is easy after proving to someone that they have been in a relationship with a registered sex-offender).

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