Surviving the Modern Organized Gang Stalking (OGS) Con
  The Unethical Out of Court Settlement
Harassment is defined as any repeated or continuing unconsented contact that serves no useful purpose beyond creating alarm, annoyance, or [emotional] distress.
Misery is defined as Optional

If you can't find the Organized Gang Stalkers stalking someone in this picture it's Ok - the point is to not have to worry about it!

As bad as it seems it can still only be a temporary problem - avoid attempting permenant solutions

What is an Organized Gang Stalking (OGS) Con?

The gang stalking con is the modern con to gain control of another’s assets or another’s potential outcomes.  A con artist selects an ordinary non-criminal member of the public to target, and leads a gang on a campaign of psychological treachery and trickery to bend or break a victim's self-will. 

In the February 10, 2014 issue of the New Yorker, author Rachel Aviv wrote the article “A VALUABLE REPUTATION” that documents the successful efforts of scientist Tyrone Hayes to come to terms and overcome OGS efforts performed on behalf of a wealthy and well connected chemical company – that stood to lose millions dollars if Haynes could not be defamed...necessary if the awful truth behind what Hayes' experiments uncovered was going to be spun in exactly the right way.  This site’s articles explore topics regarding ways to succeed against OGS cons and frauds conducted by private parties.

OGS is a form of community based harassment used to discredit, neutralize, and destroy a person’s reputation, which in-turn also destroys someone’s ability to state believable things. OGS is also a form of covert psychological bullying that usually includes stalking, tracking, spreading lies and rumors, general harassment, a substantial to complete loss of privacy, home invasions, medical issues, in some cases creating false criminal charges, and even the application of personality distorting chemicals has been reported more than a few times.

Who Gets Selected to be Conned?

John Q Public, the Mark, has (or will have), or is doing (or not doing) something the con wants; John Q is generally law-abiding, has a non-threatening demeanor, is generally working class, and projects a lower intelligence or a cognitive disability that help to promote that any lies told about them as believable.  This isn’t implying stupidity or dysfunction – it is implying that John Q is more likely to take things in stride without reading anything additional into life’s situations…i.e. everything in life doesn’t have to be a learning opportunity for John Q.

What makes an Organized Gang Stalking (OGS) Con possible?

The basis for success of OGS campaigns is rooted in Robert K. Merton’s 1948 observation of the self-fulfilling [false] prophecy which describes people’s use of a false definition of a situation as a basis for their new behaviors to make the false perception become true.

Successful authors and television writers show how false prophecy can be effectively used when both reality and perception are contrasted to provide some entertaining views of how a character’s perceptions are causing logical actions from a character’s viewpoint, that become amusement for the spectator with the aid of the author’s alternate provided view of reality.

People will always believe their perceptions of reality over reality itself; this is why sales are driven by perception and why three people can see and hear the exact same event yet can’t come away with three identical interpretations of what just happened– it is also why eye-witness testimony is the most flawed type of evidence.